Zebra Names

ZIGGY is the name. Thank you for all your ideas.

Covid: “When a customer rings I answer; ‘Good afternoon, Zebra 2 U, Covid speaking.”, Or “Covid will deliver your meal between 4-6pm” 

Zebediah: Similar name: Zebadiah, an ancient Hebrew name. Often shortened to Zeb: He believes he is sexy and he is

Ziggy: Short form of Zigfried. Ziggy Stardust: David Bowie; Related to Siegfried: Sigu “victory”, Frid “peace”, or Ziggie: Rolling Paper

Zeus: Name of a Greek god. Zeus ruled over the earth and mankind. The biggest womanizer of all the Greek gods.

Maggie: Derivative of Margaret: “pearl”

Stripes: A symbol of acceptance in a crime organization.

Sahara: From the name of the world’s largest hot desert: meaning deserts, or one of a kind woman

Zoomer: Close to Zumar: means ‘elm’ in Basque; member of Generation Z

Zeb: Short form of Zebulun: Ancient Hebrew

Z: The 26thletter of the alphabet

Beadtrice: A character in Shakespeare’s comedy Much Ado About Nothing (1599) in which Beatrice and Benedick are fooled into confessing their love for one another

Spot: The spot where everyone wants to go at night.

Zulu: In radio code stands for the letter ‘z’

Zenalda: The first recorded birth in USA was 2.2.1936

Ruffles: Maybe from Raphael: meaning of origin “God heals” or Urban Dictionary: “the act of getting durbz during the playing of the video game”

Pepe: Spanish diminutive of Joseph: Hebrew name Yosef meaning “he will add”

Zombie: A dead person brought back to life without the ability to speak or move easily

Rona: Hebrew: My joy or Short for Coronavirus (Covid 19)

Eric: Meaning: eternal ruler

Basil: Meaning: royal, kingly, brave, valiant, chivalrous

Zealand: The largest island of Denmark or the Urban Dictionary. “a small pain in the arse”

Red Eye: Red eyes are usually caused by an allergy (or a virus?)

rokWel: Rockwell means “rock spring”

Stars & Stripes: Also known as the Star Spangled Banner

Mikorona: Character in World of Warcraft

CPG: ACRONYM for Caron Paul Grace or short for Crazy Pisces Girl

Breaz : You can make 20 words out of Breaz

Zebabi: Zebra Bar and Bistro

Arbez: Zebra backwards

Fido: Texting: FIDO means “F** It, Drive on”

Zani: “Gift from God”

Fred: Some obnoxious kid on YouTube who tries to be funny by speeding up his voice and making it high pitched. Sourced Urban Dictionary

Gatto: Definition in the Italian-English Dictionary: randagio alley cat

Zoomer: Someone from Generation Z


Z is for zeal; your zest for life

I is for incorruptible; always standing up for what is right

G is for giggle; a laugh never hurts!

B is for bestow; as you give so much

E is for enjoy; your life can be fun!

R is for reassuring; eliminating doubts!

T is for time; you give to friends

Zaffle: The act of wiping your member clean on the back of the living room curtains: Source: Urban Dictionary

Lachie the Zebra: What can I say?

Zebrina: A species of spiderwort

Zack: A guy unlike the rest. He often comes off strong and fearless which sometimes pushes people away, but if you really get to know Zack, you will learn he has the softest, most genuine heart you will ever find.

Zenith: A mix of flirtatious fun, sensuality, and a serious side. Make loyal and lasting friendships.

Zorba: Zorba the Greek. A real Man. Makes the men of today look like pussies. Source Urban Dictionary

Debra: Debra is dynamic, driven, delightful, diversified, downright sexy, delicious, doesn’t take sh#t, doesn’t like to hear the word “NO”

Barzar: Also known as Rufus Johnson, Bizarre is the weirdo of the D12 group. He has an uncommon love for shower caps and tyre irons that he collects.

Bezrebar: Nothing found

Mugger: He doesn't have a life outside studying. He crams day in day out. What a mugger.

20/20: #wake up; #reality hitting; #facing facts; #actuality of the situation

Zeppelin: Airship, Dirigible, Blimp

Narelle: “Little River” ; heads turn when she walks into a room. She’s funny and beautiful. Some call her Naz, means pride in Arabic

Arbez: Meaning to come: 

Licorice: Meaning to come: can you help out?

Zeena: Meaning to come: any ideas?

Zues: Meaning to come

Zeke: Meaning to come

Marty: Meaning to come

Dave: Meaning to come


Coze: the feeling of warmth and comfort; Bee: According to all known laws 
of aviation,

there is no way a bee 
should be able to fly.

Its wings are too small to get 
its fat 
little body off the ground.

The bee, of course, flies anyway

because bees don't care 
what humans think is impossible.